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What makes international gift different to other websites?

February 2nd, 2015


As we are still a new concept we thought it might be fun to tell you why we love International Gift so much…


We all use search engines to find our favourite websites and products in our home countries. But what happens when you need to buy a gift for someone who lives abroad? Where do we buy presents from then?


At International Gift We would like to think we help and maybe provide a little inspiration for our visitors. Save time browsing through lots of websites international shipping terms and conditions and let us do the hard work for you. What do you buy for your brother’s in Australia or sister’s in Singapore? If your anything like us, then the standard “pair of socks” or “flower delivery” just won’t cut it and lets face it they are not the most exciting of gifts.


So check our our new search feature on the homepage and filter the websites depending who your buying for and which country they reside in.


We welcome your feedback and if you have any websites that you use please submit them for review.


Happy hunting,


Love the International Gift Team x

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