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Gift Inspiration From Siobhan | Inspire Me Series

July 27th, 2014

Our first blogger joining forces with International gift’s “inspire me” series is the wonderful Siobhan from Liverpool. We have asked the same 5 questions to a selection of people and here is Siobhan’s inspiration:

 1. Whats the best gift you’ve ever received and why?

An envelope full of peanut butter m&m s! I’d become addicted to peanut butter m&m s whilst in America and obviously gone on about it enough as for my next birthday a friend ordered me loads from America! From someone who usually does the bottle of rosé present, I was touched and VERY happy! And also, a darling friend got me a giant safety pin/spool shelf kit which was sooo thoughtful and appropriate to me. Which is what I think is the most important factor in gift giving, something specific so there’s no suspicion of it being a gift of theirs passed on- which I HATE



2. Do you think you’ve ever bought someone a gift that rocks and what was it? (don’t be shy!)

Yes! I pride myself on good gift giving only because I hate the standard gifts… No, I hate when it’s clearly had no thought put in. But I’m a bit of a homemade gift giver so can’t think of anything I’ve bought… I once went out first thing to get the shops as they opened to buy my boyfriend the new Liverpool football top on the day it was released. I was back at home before he’d woken up so it was a big surprise for m to wake up to! I think he was more impressed with me getting up early! Haha

3. Do you have any friends/family that live abroad if so where and what do you buy them?

I have friends and family in Australia and a lovely friend in Thailand. I normally get them something sent in the post but I do wish I knew of an easier way to send them gifts. You also have to remember in plenty of time to send stuff abroad.

4. Do you use any websites regularly to buy gifts?

Etsy! Etsy all the way!! I’m also addicted to eBay but that’s more for stupid unnecessary purchases that I instantly regret… Coloured contacts anyone? Sugar thermometer? How about a magnetic door drape?

Blue UV Contact Lens Complete Set




5. What do you think makes an awesome gift?

Personalised. In a nut shell! I hate presents that stink of being a hand me down but with personalised presents, there’s no question of that! Unless you’ve got the same name as the gift giver… Haha Shameless plug but that’s the drive behind my shop, personalised gifts, custom made for every lucky receiver!


Thanks Siobhan some great tips and we will certainly be checking out your shop.

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