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Don’t forget to check delivery costs

February 26th, 2015

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When you’re buying gifts from websites in different countries we would advise you check the delivery costs before you start searching for a suitable gift. Every country is different and what you might expect to be a standard delivery cost might be well inflated in other countries and regions.

So where’s the best place to look for delivery charges?

It can be located in multiple places but many companies list delivery details in the footer of the website, sometimes it maybe hidden in the terms and conditions. An easier tip we recommend trying first is adding something to your basket and see if a delivery charge has been added into the checkout.

Speed is key and we know that like us you don’t want to waste time searching for information like delivery charges and you would rather speand the time finding lushious gifts for your mates.

Do a quick check beforehand and then you know what costs you may incur and it will help you keep your gift budget in order aswell.

Happy hunting.

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